The one year pilot was a great success, our Admiral Nurse was supporting over 100 clients y and if you compare her activity and the difference she has made to the lives of carers by keeping loved ones at home for longer then she makes a vital contribution to the bottom line and although her dedication and high level of activity cannot be disputed, the funding is not available for her to continue her good work.

I have fought so hard since 2010 to get the help of a specialist mental health nurse and finally achieved our goal in March 2013 but it stopped at the end of February 2014 due to lack of funding. This meant her 100+ clients were left without the practical and emotional support they had been receiving and which had been making a real difference to the carer’s life. I was devastated by the news that we would not be able to continue with our Admiral Nursing care service however, we were determined not to be defeated and the fight has gone on as the Admiral Nurse proved to be a valued asset by all those who came in contact with her; we must find a way to get this service back again with a long term sustainable future.

I am now working with the NHS on the recruitment of a dementia mental health nurse and although they will not be an Admiral Nurse with all of the expererience and support from Dementia UK something is better than nothing. Unfortunately it is another one year trial but hopefully this time around if it is successful then we can secure a continuing service of support to the carer.

A problem shared is a problem halved – Come along and have a chat and a coffee


When:                 Every 2nd Monday 6pm to 8pm

Where:                Granby PH, Stevenage for a meal and a chat

For:                  Carers and Relatives


Al’s Café is a relative support group for people caring for loved ones with dementia.  At Al’s Café they support relatives by providing information about benefits and the care available with ways to cope. Most relatives don’t want to talk about dementia when they come as they have enough of it at home, so they provide the forum for a laugh and joke and nonsense banter and help address issues that carers may be having with their loved ones!

It is a good discussion forum, which put my own concerns into perspective, and I believe has been so successful because of their passionate support and dedication to carers. The team is headed up by Isobel Dunkley whose personal commitment and appreciation to the people who act as carers is resolute.

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