I would like to thank the following for their very generous donations towards Admiral Nursing Care in Hertfordshire.


I also received some donations again this year amounting to £230 with the majority, £150, being donated by a friend whose husband had passed away and for whom the Admiral Nurses in Hertfordshire gave great support to his wife throughout his long illness.


Various donations were given to me thoughout the year making a total of  £1,170 plus Mardley Hill Stores continue to support me and raised £370.50 through the year.


During 2020 I had two very substantial donations to Dementia UK and would like to thank Baycroft Care Home for reaching the final in the Pinders Awards presenting me with a cheque for £500 on this achievement.  This was a brand new care home and I helped give talks to increase awareness of Admiral Nurses and Dementia UK.

Secondly, in May 2020 Welwyn Wailers were very gracious in donating £300 to my current fundraising campaign this year. The money was raised from their performance earlier in the year.


January – Welwyn Garden City Rotary Club very kindly donated £500 – I am now an honorary  member of the Club assisting with fundraising opportunities for the local community as well as Dementia UK

January – Richard Johns  made a very generous donation to my fundraising of £250

March – Welwyn Wailers – made a very generous donation of £200 towards my fundraising

Whoever you are, wherever you live, there is something you can do to make a difference for the carer we who is living with a loved one with dementia. Make your voice heard by joining with thousands of supporters nationwide so we can create a world without this terrible debilitating illness. 

You can make a donation online today by credit or debit card, simply visit Dementia UK on