Respect and dignity is an important part of seeing the person first and dementia second and is an area that many of us want to see improved.

Dementia is an intellectual disability and is unique amongst all disabilities because the person with it does not know they possess the disability.

Do we appreciate the strengths of someone with dementia, or do we just concentrate on their weaknesses, their inability to do the things they used to do and now can’t remember?

People with dementia have the right to be valued, respected and to say No without being labelled as being uncooperative.

They also have the right to a life as rich and varied as our own –  it is up to us to give them that quality of life.

I understand how traumatic it can be for the families of those living with dementia. You need to know how can you best support your loved one? What will happen to them as the condition progresses and who is there to support the Carer during this difficult time? How can you communicate effectively with your loved one?  These are probably the questions you have asked yourself but is there anyone there to give you the answers that is where the role of the Admiral Nurse fits as they enable the Carer to be emotionally strong and cope with whatever comes their way.

They do not come and sort out a crisis then leave but are there to support the Carer so that the person with dementia can stay at home and be cared for by their loved one for as long as possible.

I hope people will step up to this challenge and do whatever is in their power to make a difference.

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  1. Tracy Searson says:

    Thank you, Jan. On behalf of HArewood Downs golf club, I wanted to say how much we enjoyed having you at the club to help with our Gala Day recently. With your help we raised over £900.

    I am looking at your website and thinking how impressive it is!

    If you ever fancy hitting some golf balls… Or running a charity event at the club, I would be happy to assist.



    • jan says:

      Hi Tracy

      I just wanted to alert you to my next charity event on 18 February 2017. Sadly I had to postpone my November dinner due to lack of numbers but hope by rearranging it we will encourage more people to attend and have a fun evening. I gather you have someone from Dementia Uk at Harewood tomorrow to collect a cheque so I hope that goes well. Take care and if you need to contact me my email is jan@grannyjanny.co.uk Luv Jan x

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