Who cares for the Carer’s?


My name is Jan Burt and I am still amazed at the lack of knowledge in the community regarding the help and support that is given to carers of people with dementia by Admiral Nursing care. It is improving but still health organisations are not recognising the difference an Admiral Nurse can make to the life of a carer so are not giving this fundamental service the priority it deserves.

We had an Admiral Nurse during 2013 in Hertfordshire.  She was on a one year pilot, she did a great job supporting the carer and saving the NHS significant amounts of money but unfortunately funding was not applied for a second year so the service stopped at the end of February 2014.  However, this service proved vital to those who benefitted from it and therefore I continue to fight to get this service reinstated with a sustainable long term future.  We have now taken away a lifeline from those using this support which had proven to be a great success keeping loved ones at home with their Carer and not hospitalised – it has to be the way forward and the money saved would more than compensate for the cost of employing an Admiral Nurse.

I therefore feel very passionately that more should be done to enable the person with dementia to remain at home for longer and provide the Carer with the practical and emotional support necessary to achieve this.


At home

From January 2010 to date I have raised over raised over £65K  but more importantly I am hoping that my efforts will lead to a better awareness of this terrible debilitating illness but as research continues to pave the way so that future generations are able to live in a world without this disease we have a fall back position if this does not happen and numbers diagnosed increase.

Having access to an Admiral Nurse is currently a postcode lottery.  How can that possibly be right?  They help people to live  well with dementia not suffer because of it.  In my lifetime I may never see a world without Dementia but I hope to see one that positively accepts it.

Sadly my husband took his last flight to that crew room in the sky last year which has allowed me to increase my passion of raising awareness as I believe that Admiral Nurses are essential to the care of a patient suffering with dementia as they can provide that individualised support carers – I believe an Admiral Nurse will help carers to adjust to the pace of this inevitable process but more importantly the support they provide will allow carers to keep their loved ones at home for much longer as they will be emotionally stronger to look after their needs.  Admiral Nurses provide a comprehensive assessment of the need that is required by carers and can suggest a range of therapeutic approaches designed to promote the carer’s emotional well-being as well as equipping them with the skills and information they need to ease the pain of this journey in their life as their loved ones condition continues to deteriorate.  They provide specialist one-to-one support and work hand in hand with families, helping them to cope with the fear, uncertainty and difficult everyday reality of dementia.  I was not lucky enough to have benefitted from an Admiral Nurse but I have seen the difference it has made to those who were.